Zeroaccess bitcoin chart

Each day malware infections and service vulnerabilities are reported to AISI zeroaccess bitcoin chart. Related AISI statistics are provided below. Each dataset can also be downloaded daily as a .

How to interpret AISI data There are a number of caveats to note when interpreting this data. Often there are multiple observations for an individual IP address, including multiple observations under different categories. This multiple IP address data has been largely removed from the data in the charts. If there are observations of incidents related to multiple families that IP address will be represented once for each family in this data. AISI Daily Observations per Malware Family’ chart.

If there are observations relating to multiple categories on a given day for a given IP address, that IP address will be represented once in each category. So if an IP address has been observed as having malware as well as a vulnerable service, this address will be reported in multiple categories. IP has changed during that period. The number of computing devices associated with a given IP address can vary widely, from only one for some residential services to thousands of devices on corporate networks. A note about data variability Caution should be applied when interpreting the charts, as their data contains a set of constantly changing variables. In particular, the absence of data for a given day or week does not necessarily indicate a given compromise threat has diminished, as other factors may have led to data becoming unavailable.