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Opimas pursues an entirely open approach to knowledge sharing, providing our clients direct access to our entire pool of intellectual capital. In this report, Opimas examines how asset xoay buy bitcoin are using mobile geolocation data to generate alpha. The report explains the process used to generate and gather the data, as well as the corrections and calibration necessary to make the data useful. Opimas is a management consultancy focused on capital markets worldwide, our mission is to help leading financial institutions set and reach their strategic goals.

Our specialisation and experience as financial practitioners allow us to dedicate our expertise to clients by quickly providing insights and crafting strategies without sacrificing quality or pragmatism. To renew our accumulated skills and stay at the cutting edge, Opimas routinely invests about one third of revenues in market research. In fast-changing markets these investments create a constantly updated store of intellectual capital on issues of strategic importance to our clients, not least the risks and potential costs of emerging competition and regulation. Uniquely among consultants, Opimas follows an open approach to knowledge sharing, giving our clients direct access to our entire pool of intellectual capital.

This means you have the choice of either using our insights and knowledge to support your strategic decisions independently, or to work directly with our specialists on a project. Either way, we have a proven record and are here to help. Strategic Advisory Our consultants are highly specialised experts in market dynamics. We strive to be ahead of the curve and are practised at participating in brainstorming sessions to assess and guide your strategy amid evolving market trends and the competitive landscape. Consulting As forces ranging from regulations to technology push toward a major restructuring of Europe’s financial industry, Opimas specialists work closely with our clients to solve the most critical challenges facing them today, whether those are improving efficiency or integrating an acquired company. Intellectual Capital Access our library of research by annual subscription. From up-to-the minute analyses of capital market dynamics, to strategies for handling new regulations or data on your peers’ performance, Opimas reports can be chosen to match your goals: You may want to understand the forces at work in challenging areas of your business, or access our guides to devising and executing a successful strategy.

We work with clients on enterprise risk management, governance and international public policy, analysing all their exposures and strategies. We offer advice on all categories of risk ranging from qualitative and quantitative risk strategies, stress testing and capital management, to risk analytics, risk-based performance, and the impact of regulation, risk culture and risk governance. Our asset management specialists work on diverse issues with clients on both the buy-side and the sell-side. We offer wide-ranging research and guidance for participants in cash and derivatives markets for bonds, rates, foreign exchange and energy, as well as soft and hard commodities.

We analyse regulatory and structural changes, the impact of technology and electronic trading platforms and the progress towards standardised products, as well as emerging new trading strategies and investors. We work with securities servicing institutions across the entire ecosystem of securities trading. As Europe’s financial industry restructures, our research provides a detailed analysis of the changing infrastructure, from exchanges and central clearing counterparties to custodians and central securities depositories. Our team delivers an unbiased view of the evolving opportunities and threats to all organizations involved in processing securities. We offer wide-ranging guidance to equities traders and investors in the cash and derivatives markets. We can show how you might be affected by, and might respond to, regulatory and structural changes in the markets, the impact of technology and electronic trading platforms, new trading strategies — including high-frequency trading — and changes in post-trade processing. We survey market liquidity on a pan-European and regional basis.

Save, collect and collaborate Our clients have the ability to personalize our platform to their needs. Saving charts and data from both entire reports or just selected passages, available anytime in your Opimas personal vault. A video is worth 30 pages Reading is not the only way to gain insights. Opimas also delivers its analysis in videos and podcasts.

Our content fits your pace At Opimas, we know that one size does not fit all. 15-minute version giving you a more analytical overview and a detailed version, allowing you to master a topic inside and out. We are online, collaborative and interactive Opimas publishes online reports that are available anytime and interactive, inviting clients to question our analysts directly, save selected passages or charts and data in a personal vault, and share content with colleagues. Our data is your data The Opimas platform allows direct, unlimited access to written thought leadership and videos containing our analyses, statistics, forecasts and models, which are all continuously updated.