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Idea and Token Simply said, Lendroid is a decentralized asset management platform, implemented on verottaja bitcoin wiki contracts. Minimum of intermediaries, commissions and risks of fraud.

And the last one is not what we are insured with. The main actors in Lendroid are Lenders and Margine Traders. Lenders provide assets to traders in the form of loans under percent. Traders select a profitable loan with a minimum interest and work with this money on the stock exchange.

In order for a trader not to be tempted for risking credit, there must be provided the loan taken with an adequate amount of collateral. In case a trader cannot repay a loan, the missing part will be automatically extinguished from his pledge. By means of LST creditors and traders pay to Relayers and Wranglers. In addition, a part of LST is paid in the form of a commission for the platform development and its maintenance. Team Not a clear point at all. That is normal for mature companies that are attracting outsource resources, but somewhat strange for a young start-up. There are not-that-happy facts of his biography and a scam-story with the project Coins-E we found on web.