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Craze BTC – Team Rotator – We Build Your Income For You! No World War 3 in 2017, Ethereum under . Don’t let gloom and doom porn pushers get you down. While cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been widely accepted in Switzerland, the banks have not been as friendly. With the exception of the Falcon Private Bank, which offers asset management services, Hypi will be the first Swiss bank to open its arms to the crypto community. Hypothekarbank Lenzburg CEO Marianne Wildi said that a bank like Hypi, focused primarily on technology, has to engage with the blockchain industry.

As a bank that is technologically oriented and pursues a cooperative strategy in the field of fintech, it is also one credibility to work with the young industry of crypto and blockchain companies in Switzerland. Wildi, who has advocated for the introduction of a crypto-franc in the past, added that while her bank is looking forward to working with crypto companies, they are well aware of the money laundering problems that come with them. She said the bank had studied the relevant compliance issues and risks associated with the industry, in addition to informing the Swiss regulators before deciding to work with crypto companies. According to Wildi, the selection process for new customers will be rigorous as Hypothekarbank Lenzburg will only consider blockchain companies after carrying out in-depth due diligence on them. The bank will use an experienced third party to analyze inquires and run background checks before the bank makes a final decision. Switzerland is a prime incubator for everything crypto and blockchain related.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine. Coinmint, a cloud mining service provider, has confirmed it will go ahead with its proposed plan to open a cryptocurrency mining plant in an abandoned smelter previously used by Alcoa, in Massena, New York. In a statement published online, the company said it will repurpose the 1,300-acre, 435-megawatt site into the biggest cryptocurrency mining plant in the world. The company remains unfazed by the slump in bitcoin prices, which has seen a drop of almost 50 percent this year, according to data from Coinmarketcap. Current bitcoin prices affect the value proposition.