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The Weight of the Living Simon hausdorff bitcoin, from Pitt T. Buy the Close, Sell the Open, from P. Aesop’s proverb that captures this situation?

I have read the book Scale by Geoffrey West and I find many of the charts tautological and suffer from the part whole fallacy. Recently I came across Indra’s Pearls by David Mumford, Caroline Series, and David Wright. Easily makes my top 100 of all time, and probably top 3 mathematics books for non-mathematicians. In it you’ll find more reasonable discussions of this stuff than elsewhere. What can we learn about the market from the recent playoffs? A team that is behind near the end takes desperate shots and loses by an even greater score, i. A team with many scorers is much better than a team with a concentrated few and this will tell at the end of a game.

The beard and the boaster from Cleveland both fell by the wayside in crucial moments at the end. A sustained move requires confirmation from related markets and will not stay if it is just its own. Erratic players who have problems with the intake of substances will lose at crucial times, i. The difference between the winning team and losing team is like the battle between up and down.

When a winning team is ahead near the close it is usually not overtaken. Indeed the lead tends to increase as the other team tries desperation shots. The stats on basketball are much more valuable than what we use for markets, i. Peter Pinkhasov writes: With the following, I am very much at risk of misunderstanding the Chair or to expose my ignorance. Yet I think Vic’s numbers and my brief research suggest no leakage. The pre-release movements do not seem to anticipate the quality of the NFP headline number.

A case for leaks can be made, if the quality of the NFP headline number is ignored, but then what was leaked? Maybe the leaker uses a sub-component of the report ? Victor Niederhoffer explains:  My numbers suggest that there are leaks but that those who aren’t privy to the leaks can’t profit from them. The real problem is that so many people get the numbers in advance and that this creates a movement in the correct direction. This is an endemic and terrible problem.