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M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. Memory usage per user in Linux? Let’s say i have rpcuser bitcoin exchange users logged on my linux box. How can I know how much memory each of them is using?

In particular, sudo smem -u should give you the information you want. I agree this is probably the best way to this. However, smem needs a really modern kernel, which none of the established enterprise distros deliver. So unless you are running a community distro like Fedora, OpenSUSE or a non-LTS Ubuntu, you’re out of luck. I didn’t know about the smem. It looks like it will do the job.

The only dependency is python, python-matplotlib is only a recommended package that you can skip with –no-install-recommends. Well, sadly ‘ignoring shared memory issues’ this script also outputs complete bogus. To get sum of RSS I think the following works. This would be to get the sum of RSS for the users kbrandt and root.

I should add that I stole the add column of numbers part from: pixelbeat. Different users could easily share the same code page if they’re running the same process. Who do you account that to? It really depends on how accurate you want your results to be. The more accurate you want, the harder it will be. I think your right PS is the answer, but you probably need to ignore shared memory. I’m not sure how to report memory usage by user but if you’re concerned about controlling their usage then you should look up ulimit.

For the current user this could be also done e. I was happy to find the solution, just wanted to share. The sort command needs the -n flag to make it parse the memory as a number. Also this way you can replace the word “user” with “command” to group by application name instead.