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Биткоин-адрес Адреса являются идентификаторами, которые вы используете для отправки биткоинов другому лицу. Jump to navigation Jump to search “Byzantine generals” redirects here. For military generals of the Byzantine empire, see Pbft blockchain bitcoin:Byzantine generals.

It is difficult for the other components to declare it failed and shut it out of the network, because they need to first reach a consensus regarding which component is failed in the first place. A Byzantine failure is the loss of a system service due to a Byzantine fault in systems that require consensus. The objective of Byzantine fault tolerance is to be able to defend against failures of system components with or without symptoms that prevent other components of the system from reaching an agreement among themselves, where such an agreement is needed for the correct operation of the system. Remaining correctly operational components of a Byzantine fault tolerant system will be able to continue providing the system’s service as originally intended, assuming there are sufficiently many accurately operating components to maintain the service. Byzantine failures are considered the most general and most difficult class of failures among the failure modes. The so-called fail-stop failure mode occupies the simplest end of the spectrum.

The problem is complicated by the presence of treacherous generals who may not only cast a vote for a suboptimal strategy, they may do so selectively. For instance, if nine generals are voting, four of whom support attacking while four others are in favor of retreat, the ninth general may send a vote of retreat to those generals in favor of retreat, and a vote of attack to the rest. There can be a default vote value given to missing messages. For example, missing messages can be given the value . The typical mapping of this story onto computer systems is that the computers are the generals and their digital communication system links are the messengers. Several examples of Byzantine failures that have occurred are given in two equivalent journal papers. These and other examples are described on the NASA DASHlink web pages.