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After techies and criminals also investors now embrace the bitcoin . But has such a crypto coin also value in the real economy ? But what actually is a bitcoin ? OR , is it the money of the future ? The credit crisis caused confidence in the banks has fallen to a low point at the end of 2008 . Since Bitcoin was introduced the value of a Bitcoin has been relatively stable for some time .

On May 21, 2010 the first official Bitcoin transaction was completed : 2 pizzas for 10. However , that changed quickly . When different websites accepted the Bitcoin as payment and it was restless within the euro zone , the value rose to more than 100 euro in april 2013 . However , the rate collapsed again . In november 2013 , the virtual currency rose again explosively in value . Bitcoin was recognized as legitimate means of payment in the United States and Bitcoins became a popular investment .

The Bitcoin rate came for the first time in the history above the limit of 1. It’s become a popular investment object , but investing in Bitcoin is not without risk ! The value of the bitcoin can significantly change from day to day . No one knows how the value of Bitcoin will develop in the future , but it is fixed that it has become a serious alternative for the regular money system . Many people have confidence in the block chain technology behind Bitcoin and here certainly is future in .

How the still short history of Bitcoin looks and how the value of Bitcoin develops , you can continue to follow up on this website . A cryptocoin really is just a small piece of code , a digital payment . By means of transactions a whole e. How that happens is the ingenious to bitcoin . There is no system that centrally keeps track of the transactions . Instead , each transaction is passed to the whole network of people running bitcoinsoftware . So a bitcoin will not be issued twice because the whole system ” knows ” what all previous transactions have been .