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But as technology progressed, it became more advantageous to take out some of the responsibilities from the CPU and have it performed by other microprocessors. In the days before GUIs, the screen was simply a small grid with each box having an 8bit value that corresponds to a character. But as the need for 3D and faster graphics acceleration grew, the GPU became faster and more nvidia grid gpu bitcoin in its task.

GPUs are now generally floating point processors that can easily crunch geometric computations along with texture mapping tasks. Hardware wise, GPUs and CPUs are similar but not identical. If we looked at the very building block of each, the transistors, we can see that most GPUs already rival CPUs in transistor count. The specialized nature of GPUs means that it can do its task much faster than a CPU ever can, but it is not able to cover all of the capabilities of the CPU.

Multiple GPUs can also be employed to achieve a single goal much like the dual core CPUs currently available. CPU is the brain of the computer the GPU is only meant to complement it. GPUs are specialized and cannot replace the function of a CPU. CPUs can perform the functions of a GPU but at a much slower speed. GPUs can rival CPUs in transistor count. GPUs can also work in tandem just like the CPU’s multi core capability. Thanks for the simple, straight forward explanation.

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