Koolio twitter bitcoin

We notice that your IP is from China where participation in Koolio twitter bitcoin has been banned. We give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. We do this by allowing the profile owner to tokenize and monetize their social media presence via blockchain technology. Currently, Robin8 is applying this technology in the advertising space through an influencer search engine that profiles, matches and ranks using big data and AI.

The Robin8 platform offers a new advertising channel where people are media. However, this is just one use case because any vertical application can be built on top of the Robin8 platform with PUT as a currency in this virtual ecosystem. Your information is encrypted in the blockchain. Within the ecosystem you will be linked to an ID that is public, while your identity is concealed. Unlike Facebook, Weibo, Twitter and Instagram, with Robin8 PUT, you decide if you want to share your social media engagement with advertisers on the platform, or choose not to. You will get rewarded with PUTs for creating a profile, inviting your friends, reading and sharing content, and promoting products.

We believe that you are the most important person in a social media platform, so you should be rewarded for using social media, not us. John’s University of Law, Juris Doctor. As a C-level technology product executive and IT transformation leader, Joe brings a record of success and expertise in delivering cutting-edge capabilities to top corporations competing at the highest levels of global business. He excels at building and leading development teams behind multiple first-to-market products, establishing innovative systems and tools essential for long-term growth, and planning and executing successful product launches. Management Science at the University of Connecticut. Artur is a skilled Technologist with over 15 years’ of leadership experience in software development and hosting provider companies.

Blockchain, Workflow, Media, Big Data, etc. In addition, developing and launching new technology platform security frameworks meeting and exceeding industry standards. Senior Member of AAAI, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Freie Universität Berlin, PhD in Computational Linguistics. Bessie Lee has had 20 years of experience in the advertising industry and is the former CEO for WPP China. Previously, she worked as the GroupM China CEO and Mindshare CEO. Milo Chao was previously the Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China.

He received his MBA from Northwestern University and a BA from Binghamton University. Alvin Foo has had over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry in China. Prior to this position he was the Head of Mobile at Google China. Vivian Zhu is a seasoned executive and leader in digital and media strategy, consumer insights and experience, analytics and optimization. Forging the vision and leading the team in leveraging technology and innovation to design and deliver the unique consumer cross platform experiences. Alex is founder and CEO of FundV, a hedge fund focused on cryptoasets. Before starting his own business, Alex worked at Nomura, UBS, and Jump Trading with over 10 years experience in financial product trading.