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POOFness for JUNE 4: RELEASE AND MUCH FUN AHEAD BUT KEEP SENDING ME DONATIONS YA FOOLISH PEOPLE! As almost everyone is now aware, 2017 was a quite a year for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin garnered most of the media attention, especially during its fourth-quarter price surge, as people new to cryptocurrency began hearing about it and buying in for the first time. Related Are The Banksters Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency Called “Utility Settlement Coin”? 1 seat at the top of the cryptocurrency market cap tables and its position as the base currency with which all other cryptos are priced and traded, cryptocurrency in general is obviously here to stay. It has begun to transform not only finance but all manner of other industries as well, in the same way that the Internet did before it.

Indeed, all technology bubbles are transformative events. We believe that the key to investing in any such bubble is holding a position in a diversified portfolio of startup projects, each of which stands to disrupt existing industries in a unique way. Of course the bubble popped in 2001 and many companies crashed and burned, but others continued on to enormous heights. Amazon and Google are not the small upstarts that they once were. Remember that all of the original 12 companies of the Dow Jones Industrial Average were dropped from the average long ago. Business is about constant transformation and rebirth.

2017 will certainly be remembered as the year that cryptocurrency exploded and hit the mainstream. It is obvious that those heady returns cannot last forever. Whether we are in for a disorderly unwind of that great bubble remains to be seen. USD is a topic of great debate.

By design, cryptocurrencies are limited in supply, unlike dollars. Therefore, the total number of cryptocurrencies is exploding. In addition to Bitcoin, there are now Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Super Bitcoin, etc. Of those, Bitcoin Cash is perhaps the most serious contender to replace Bitcoin, and it has some prominent backers within the cryptocurrency community, including Roger Ver. The problem with Bitcoin itself is that it is suffering from its own success.

The Bitcoin network is completely overloaded at the moment, very slow, and transaction fees are skyrocketing. Cryptocurrency commentator and pioneer Cøbra detailed the problems recently in a series of tweets and pointed out that Bitcoin mining power is concentrated in the hands of a few people in China. Bitcoin was originally envisaged as a fast, cheap kind of digital cash. Barring substantial upgrades to the Bitcoin system which did not materialize as planned in 2017, that possibility is long gone.

In particular, we would point to platforms like Ethereum, Waves, and Stellar, which will allow for the digitization and tokenization of real assets like gold. In the final days of 2017, Ripple staged a massive rally that left many market participants scratching their heads. In October, Ripple held a conference in Toronto, competing for attention with SWIFT’s yearly Sibos conference. The keynote speaker at Ripple’s conference was none other than Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the U. He was the founder of the infamous Bitcoin exchange Mt.