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Why should I invest in bitcoins? If you’ve browsed Wikipedia for killhamster bitcoin wiki length of time, you’re certainly familiar by now with the site’s periodic donation drives. Wikipedia should accept donations in Bitcoin!

Thanks for your email and for your interest in supporting free knowledge. Unfortunately we do not accept bitcoin, however, we are aware of bitcoin and we will continue to monitor it with interest. Thank you again for your interest! For anyone who’s worked with the public, especially a segment of the public that is convinced that terrible ideas are in fact good, this is a pretty standard brush-off, meant to fool the recipient into thinking someone cares about their stupid ideas and that they may even be implemented some time in the near future. Regardless, bitcoiners see this as a promise as well as a challenge, and often their subreddit is inundated with posts about Wikipedia as a result. Since they’re so intent on having Wikipedia take their funny money, we looked a little further into the situation.

So, if Wikipedia were to directly accept Bitcoin donations, how much more would they stand to earn? As it turns out, not much at all. In a ridiculously informal and totally unscientific poll, I discovered that the same bitcoiners clamoring for Wikipedia to take their money don’t want to give them much money at all, if anything. Some, however, aren’t happy with Wikipedia itself, rather than their choices and ideology. CIA front from the very beginning. Wikipedia is clearly aligned with the global fascist government drive.