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Should peer to peer lenders exist in theory? Interfluidity bitcoin news and Pay: Is the Link Broken? Just as I was trying post more often once again I broke my upper right arm. Thought I had broken my left wrist too but that’s just a severe sprain.

I can hardly type for now. Are Emerging Markets the Canary in the Financial Coal Mine? Slower Productivity and Higher Inequality: Are They Related? Paul Krugman, NY Times: So, the trade war is on.

And what a stupid trade war it is. That’s an obviously fraudulent rationale But Trump and co. They would see it as all fair game if the policy delivered job gains Trump could trumpet. OK, here’s the point where being a card-carrying economist gets me into a bit of trouble. But I think this is a case where macroeconomics, even though I believe it’s right, gets in the way of useful discussion.

And the answer, almost surely, is that this trade war will actually be a job-killer, not a job-creator, for two reasons. Playing with the numbers, it seems highly likely that even this direct effect is a net negative for employment. Second, other countries will retaliate against U. This means that even if their leaders might want to make concessions, their voters probably won’t allow it. So this is a remarkably stupid economic conflict to get into. And the situation in this trade war is likely to develop not necessarily to Trump’s advantage. GDP is based on aggregate expenditures, while GDI is based on aggregate income.

In principle, the two measures should be identical. GDI outperforms GDP in forecasting recessions. GDI does appear to exhibit more cyclical volatility than GDP. Conclusion While GDP and GDI are theoretically identical measures of economic output, they can differ significantly in practice over some periods. The differences between the two series have been particularly pronounced in the past two years, when GDP growth has been consistently stronger than GDI growth. Opinions expressed in FRBSF Economic Letter do not necessarily reflect the views of the management of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Germany’s Prosperity: How Stable are the Foundations?

Great Recession: New Car Buyers Hold Cars Longer on Hold – St. I ask because I suspect I would understand political debate better if I realized that it doesn’t. Everybody tends to over-rate the importance of their profession: it’s part of deformation professionelle. Lawyers over-rate the importance of the law, artists of the arts and so on. Effects of copyrights on science: Summary Copyrights grant publishers exclusive rights to content for almost a century. In science, this can involve substantial social costs by limiting who can access existing research.

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