Idle bitcoin miner

It will do idle bitcoin miner the rest on its own. Stop or remove at any time.

No Funny Business We do what we say. 200 per month sounds like too much? Well, it all depends on your hardware and ever changing market prices. We all own things that we paid for with money we earned through hard labor.

Just like a land lord expects his vacant apartment to pay him the rent fee we should all expect our Things to pay us rent as well. And we love to hear from you. How much money can I make with my computer? We will do our best to get you the best results we can. We do not access your personal data. We run the same software you can download here, on our farm computers as well as our family and friends computers so the proof is in the pudding. We may need to use third party software for the performing the work, and in such case we of course test those software before making it available to our computers and our users computers.

What type of work is my computer going to perform? Our intention is to become a platform where projects needing massive computing power could seamlessly buy computing power from owners of personal computers around the world. In the first phase, the work will mainly consist of contributing to the creation and trade of alternative currencies being developed and used in the New Economy. For example we may harness our network collective computing power to effectively mine a new or existing coin and then sell the rewards turning them into hard cash that we can then pass on to you. How much do you charge for this service? The service is free of charge. Is it possible that your application is being flagged by my computer security application?

Please do let us know of any such matter ASAP so we can take it up with the relevant provider and solve the matter with no delays. Will your application slow down my computer? When in Auto Mode our software will detect and perform work only during time in which the PC was otherwise idle. If it detects that you move the mouse or hit the keyboard it will immediately cease work giving you all your computer power. You can of course also choose to go full throttle all the time until you decide to turn it off or work in limited mode. How do I get the money? Transfer fees and cost will be borne by the user.