Girls gone bitcoin reddit

What Do You Do With Your Ex’s Nudes? I nod knowingly and quickly shove food in my mouth in hopes that no one calls me out on my utter ignorance: I have no idea what Bitcoin is. So I took it upon myself to girls gone bitcoin reddit out.

Here, one Bitcoin stripper tells her story. The weird thing is that this all started because I was interested in Bitcoin, not because I was interested in stripping. I discovered Bitcoin about six months ago and wanted to invest some of my own cash in it, but I hesitated. I would never have considered stripping, doing web cam shows, or any other type of sexy photography before that. But when I read the guidelines—I never have to show my face—and realized I could protect my identity, I got kind of into it.

I’ve got a boyfriend, though, and I wanted everything to be above board with him, so I tested the waters there first. When I showed him and he screamed “Let’s do it! It’s tough to tell looking back since it’s in Bitcoin and the exchange rate varies drastically. But it’s a lot of money, and I’ve been saving it all. Just like myself, it seems like college girls who don’t quite wanna get up on that pole, but still wanna leverage their assets when it’s convenient and safe for them. And it is, mostly, safe and convenient. I haven’t had any scary experiences.

I think because it’s still relatively small, there isn’t much of that yet. Also, Reddit’s moderators absolutely help out with policing things. There was one case recently where a group was trying to identify one of the girls, and the admins immediately and permanently banned them all from the site. And beyond that, they don’t even allow any type of derogatory comments, even the ones that are meant as compliments but could definitely be worded a little nicer.

If they see things like that, they take them down. It’s nice knowing that there’s someone watching out for our safety and identities, because I do worry about my privacy all the time despite the fact that I never show my face on camera. My boyfriend and I have a young son and neither of us would ever want him to see his mom show up on the Internet in this fashion, so we take lots of precautions. I also never go on camera without my boyfriend in the same chat room on an alias of his own, which always changes so no one connects the dots. And in that way, it’s actually been fun! My boyfriend and I are enjoying it beyond the money part.