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The latest markets news, real time quotes, financials and more. Experienced investors with higher risk tolerance sometimes turn to penny stocks. So you can see why rookie investors get hooked by the dream of buying into a company for only a few cents and then selling shares for a substantial profit when the price trades back in the multi-dollar levels. Of course, such stocks are considered to be highly speculative because of their lack of liquidity, large bid-ask spreads, small market capitalization and limited following and disclosure.

If you feel like you are ready to start trading penny stocks, though, here are some guidelines. Where to Look for Penny Stocks Some penny stocks are traded on regular exchanges such as the Nasdaq. However, major stock exchanges, such as the NYSE and Nasdaq, have special listing requirements. The Pink Sheets are merely a quotation publisher, while the OTCBB holds a bit more legitimacy as it maintains some minimum listing requirements. How To Select a Penny Stock Broker Stock brokers play a fundamental role in the trading business. They provide the necessary trading infrastructure and can significantly influence the preferences, behavior and trading patterns of investors.

When looking for a penny stock broker, one aspect to pay particular attention to is their fee structure. Some brokers charge commissions on a per-share basis. This structure is usually set at a particular rate for the first specified number of shares, and then another rate for each additional share. Investopedia has compiled a list of regulated penny stock brokers in the United States. Brokers are listed in no particular order. Here is a list of top U.

7 per trade for trades involving up to 500,000 shares. Charles Schwab Corp: Schwab offers penny stocks trading through its standard stock trading accounts. Pink Sheet securities online through the Schwab website and mobile app. Scottrade offers research and screening tools, which aim to provide vital information on penny stocks that can assist a trader in decision-making for penny stock trades. OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet securities. These can be traded through the standard equity trading accounts offered by TDAmeritrade. The Checklist to Select a Reliable Penny Stock Broker Beyond the list mentioned above, shares of penny stocks can also sometimes be purchased through an individual’s regular stockbroker.

If you are exploring a new brokerage, though, here are some questions to ask and some key points to consider. Most brokers today offer online trading and mobile apps. Relying only on the traditional phone based call-and-trade facility can lead to undesirable results in price fluctuations while you’re waiting for an order taker to get on the line to place your order—significantly impacting your trades, as prices fluctuate each minute. A nostro account is your bank account where you keep your money for buying and selling shares.

All stock brokers offer depot but a select few offer nostro. Penny stock trading is a speculative game, where prices fluctuate each minute. Instant and reliable money transfers are essential for efficient and timely trading. If your capital transfers fail or get stuck through the multiple bottlenecks, or if it takes time to clear your money from your account to your broker’s account, then your penny stock trading will suffer greatly. Charges, charges, and more charges: One important part of any stock trading is transactional costs, which gains further importance in the case of penny stocks since each penny price move matters. 20 for quick and high gain. 05 on each buy and sell leg of your trade, then all your profit opportunity is lost even though the stock price is doubling.