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Erupters bitcoin mining

You can then use the Configure Coins dialog to setup each erupters bitcoin mining that you would like to mine along with their pools, including support for load balancing. The installer runs without needing admin rights and does not install to Program Files so as not to be intrusive. For OS X, you can find packages and for doing so here and instructions for using them here.

Under OS X you should install Xquartz available here. Install the latest version of Mono. Xgminer is an assembly for controlling the bfgminer executable – e. Afterwards the bfgminer RPC API is used to output the miner hashrate for a minute before the mining process is stopped.

Hardware Donations To those who may be considering making donations: instead of BTC or LTC I’d very much welcome any sort of mining hardware. I’m not talking nasty rigs and I absolutely do not expect this. However, several bugs submitted by users have been due to hardware setups that I could not reproduce myself, such as FPGAs or having 10 devices in a single rig. So if you are thinking of donating but also have some old FPGA that isn’t doing much for you with the current Bitcoin difficulty, or some Erupters, or really anything at all that would help me test different hardware setups that would rock. It’s way easier to fix issues when I can actually reproduce them myself so this is a very good way to give back. Again this is not expected at all.