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Blockchain Dapps, products and development projects. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin represent much more earn free namecoins bitcoin digital economic innovations.

Get a brief overview of how Blockchain technology can impact IoT distributed systems, sensors and data. Explore current state of smart contracts in relation to embedded devices and Internet of Things devices. Filament Networks offers an end-to-end solution that enables self-forming wireless mesh networks over long-range radio. A consultancy specializing in IoT security. We focus on device key management solutions with dedicated embedded cryptographic hardware. A platform that enables users to control access to their data for their IoT devices. Earn bitcoin on every HTTP request.

Ensuring drug safety with blockchain technology. Factom: Factom is a system for securing millions of realtime records using blockchain technology. Chronicled РA San Francisco based technology company with expertise in developing software at the intersection of blockchain technology, IoT, and user engagement. The Company is developing an open-source registry for IoT microchips and consumer products on the Ethereum blockchain.

A platform connects the blockchain to any physical object in an uncompromisable way. Blockchain of Things¬†– “Secure Peer to Peer Communication for the Industrial Internet of Things. Blockchain technology to enable the use of Smart Contracts between IoT devices. A consortium that is exploring the role blockchain may have in providing security for the Internet of Things.