Cryptsy bitcoin deposit

Attention: This guide covers buying Bitcoin with USD and then converting it Cryptsy bitcoin deposit. For direct USD to Dogecoin currency conversion, please refer to this guide. Last updated on Jan 31, 2014.

You can expect this process to take up to 4 – 7 days your first time through. Bitcoin exhcange and then convert it to Dogecoin through a general trade exchange. I documented every step along the way, so enjoy this guide fellow shibes! After creating your Cryptsy account, you will need to generate a send address to transfer your Bitcoin to your Cryptsy account.

Visit “Balances” from the navigation menu, select the Bitcoin dropdown button and choose “Deposit”. Then generate a new deposit address. You will use the generated address to transfer your purchased Bitcoin to your Cryptsy account in step 4. We first need to purchase Bitcoin through Coinbase. Entering any amount of BTC will update your total, no need to maths!

After you’ve submitted the amount of BTC you want to purchase, you will be asked to verify the transaction. I suggest packing for your trip to the moon in the meantime! Then input your send address and how much BTC you want to deposit. Note: The send address should be the Cryptsy wallet address you generated in step 2. BTC trade market page, which can be found here. On this page, you will see the option to buy DOGE with BTC.

Enter the amount of doge you want to purchase and then submit your buy order. Note: You may get a price alert notifying you that you are buying higher than the current selling price. If you receive this message, cancel and modify the “Price per DOGE” to match the current top selling price, then resubmit your buy order. You will receive an order confirmation screen after submitting your buy order.

Revisit “Balance” from the navigation menu, select the “DOGE actions” button for Dogecoin and choose “Withdraw”. Choose the send address for your Dogecoin wallet, enter the amount of Doge you want to send and process the withdrawal. You should now see you hard earned monies in your Dogecoin wallet, many congrats shibe! I’m going to discuss my experiences unlocking my account with Cryptsy. DR: it was not a terrible experience, but not necessarily a pleasant one either.

I used Cryptsy for a few different things, notably, to speculate on alternative cryptocurrencies. I never really followed too much. 2 BTC valued exit and locked in the profit. I quickly traded the LTC into BTC and cashed out my newfound earnings.