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Butterfly labs 65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip

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Butterfly Labs announces their 2nd generation ASIC Bitcoin Mining processor in partnership with Global Foundries and their 28nm advanced technology node. 4,680 US Dollars which makes it the most cost effective miner in the industry. Kansas based leader in Bitcoin mining technology has announced its 2nd generation ASIC Bitcoin processor – the 4th bitcoin processor in its history. The new chip has been in quiet development for the last six months.

As the first company to introduce a 2nd generation ASIC chip, Butterfly Labs has leveraged its proven design to set an all new high mark in performance for the Bitcoin mining industry. We’ve learned a great deal with our first ASIC. After an initial delay, that processor has been shipping in volume for the past few months and is now powering the majority of the Bitcoin network. For this 28nm version, we were able to use our test bench data to make major optimizations in both speed and efficiency that would otherwise not be possible with a first generation design. Butterfly Lab’s chief ASIC engineer John Cheng.

The first product using the new technology was also announced today. The ‘Monarch’ is a PCIe card optimized for large scale mining in data centers. Initial deliveries of the Monarch are slated to begin in December 2013. The company is allowing existing customers to transfer any still undelivered back orders to the new higher speed technology, but they note that it would increase the wait time by several months and don’t recommend it. If employed today, each device would mine approximately 6 bitcoins every 24 hours.

We can only guarantee the performance specifications of our hardware, not the market value of mining with it. Butterfly Labs will immediately accept placement in the queue through pre-orders. Questions about a news article you’ve read? Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Questions about your PRWeb account or interested in learning more about our news services?

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