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Btcx bitcoin wallet

BTCX was the first, and is the best, service for private individuals to buy and sell digital currency. We have been in business for over six years. We have helped our clients to get into bitcoin since January 2012, and btcx bitcoin wallet then we work to innovate Fintech, Finance and IT.

Welcome to the digital currency veteran. For those who want to trade digital currency, BTCX has been the safe option from the beginning. It has always been easy to get in touch with us, and the level of ambition in our support is very high. Most people who contact the support team will get a reply within sixty minutes, at most. Your feeling of safety and security is our top priority, that is why we have what we call the world’s best digital currency support. Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, is very much about quick and easy delivery, so that is one of our goals. Since we started accepting payments via Swish, you the customer can get your bitcoin in a matter of minutes.

With BTCX you can buy digital currency without registering an account. Do business with BTCX Express, where you fill in your details and buy bitcoin and ether for up to 6000 SEK per week. You can buy digital currency as soon as your information is verified. About Us BTCX is a Stockholm based regulated financial company, we are a major driving force in the international development of the availability and versatility of digital currencies. We can see from the flow of questions we receive that many of you are passionate about the future and the next step for Nova Exchange!

Of course we want to keep you in the loop on what is up next for Nova! The ambition is to open deposits in ALL currencies as soon as possible, but that might take a few weeks. After that, our plan is to onboard most of the latest top 20 forks and coins that are currently not represented on Nova. Then we want to open the gates for new costumers and new coins, so please let all your crypto friends know, that if they are patient, they will, in a not too distant future, trade on a new, faster, safer, and better looking Nova Exchange! If you have any questions, please let us know in the trollbox, or shoot an e-mail to our support!

We sure have our work for the next 20 days or so cut out for us. It has come to our attention that the Bid Price v. Ask Price has a very large spread. As you know from our previous statement we are reopening deposits for you all ANY MINUTE NOW. As we strive to keep Nova free from scams and broken assets we have red-flagged 30 assets to be delisted. AXF, BCOIN, BTCD, COOC, DMB, ENZO, ERSO, FAL, GAME, GILL, JEDI, KASHH, LSC, MEOW, PWC, PYY, QTL, REV, RUP, SBC, SCORE, SK21, SPAR, SURGE, TOR, TSH, TYCHO, ULA, UTB, VUC, XGOX, XYZ, XZC, YES, ATCC, BCC, NLG, HMC, KBC, OHM, LCC, BRO and PTC.