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Ideas and goings-on from the Media Lab community. The overall design of the certification architecture is fairly simple. A certificate issuer signs a well-structured digital certificate and stores its hash within a blockchain transaction. A transaction output is assigned to the recipient. Working on this project, we have not only learned a lot about the blockchain, but also about the way that technology can shape socioeconomic practices around the concept of credentials. Many of the most interesting challenges we encountered were not technical in nature, but they cannot easily be separated from the technology because small design decisions can fundamentally shape behavior. That is why we have taken small experimental steps, tested our system with actual users, and continue to make changes based on what we are learning.

Version 1 of our tools is intended as a useful starting point for other researchers and experimental projects. For institutions looking to roll out digital credential systems, we recommend waiting for version 2. We have already started a pretty fundamental redesign, and we will also release future versions of the project under the same MIT open-source license. Cert-schema describes the data standard for digital certificates. A digital certificate is essentially a JSON file with the necessary fields needed for our cert-issuer code to place it on the blockchain. Cert-viewer is used to display and verify digital certificates after they have been issued. The viewer code also provides the ability for users to request certificates and to generate a new Bitcoin identity.

Digital certificate examples from various deployments of our cert-viewer codebase. Laboratorio para la Ciudad workshop participant. A cautionary note about the blockchain hype. While that’s a powerful concept, we found it was a bit of a headache to implement in practice. We wanted to reserve the possibility to revoke a certificate.

Partly because everyone is concerned about it, and partly because we were worried that we might miss a fundamental flaw in our design and need to invalidate our first attempts. At the same time, certificates are only useful when they can be tied to a person. That’s why protecting private data is so important. The process of verifying a digital certificate.

You can verify a certificate manually or by using our verify code in the certs-viewer codebase. Should learners be able to choose what parts of their history they share with others? With traditional certificates, learners have been been able to construct different narratives of their experiences for different purposes. Tracking the use of credentials as a way to document their value to the individual is an area where we see a lot of potential, but don’t have a clear design proposal yet. We mentioned above that version 1 was for experimental users and researchers.

For version 2 we are making some architectural changes, but we also focus on documentation and deployment, to make it easier for other institutions to get started. The biggest technical change is how we will store the certificate data. In version 1, each certificate corresponds to a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain. We’ve talked about some of the considerations we made in designing these certificates, but haven’t mentioned the many people who helped us in the process. When we started working on this project, we knew next to nothing about the blockchain and we are greatly indebted to the many people at MIT and elsewhere that helped us get started.

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Republicans who are waiting to learn more about the Democratic candidates. Porter’s profile is the most resonant with primary voters, driving her to a strong lead over fellow Democrats. Porter appeals across party lines, putting her in a strong position to defeat Walters. Porter’s profile, touting her experience as a renowned consumer advocate who has taken on big banks that cheat middle-class families, resonates with voters from across the political spectrum. California’s 45th Congressional District from January 9th to 14th, 2018. Editor’s Note:  Questions asked of pollsters to respondents was not offered. There is no information about who paid for the poll.