Bitsmart bitcoin stock

A P2P marketplace for auto loans. Borrowers Our borrower app will allow any qualified buyer bitsmart bitcoin stock finance a car within a matter of minutes. Matching borrowers with the money they need at the rates they can afford, at the speed of information.

Auto Dealers Our dealer system provides a new on-line sales channel, giving dealers direct access to our lending services, intelligent contract technology, and vehicle data. We match lender funds with loan requests automatically. Lenders can choose their risk profiles, auto-invest or manually fund any loan. We are recording loans and building P2P contracts using blockchain technology. We are connecting the secured assets to our applications using internet of things technology, increasing both security and transparency. Launching in 2017 We’re raising for our seed round now.

We’re looking to connect with investors, technology partners, P2P lenders, and interested borrowers. If you want more information about ground floor entry into our revolutionary financing services, please contact us today or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. Signup for our newsletter to get the latest information and news about our company and our progress. Edwin provided technical review and strategic support to the development of an on-line marketplace. Throughout his career, he has always remained at the leading edge of the business application of proven technologies.