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The 2017 United States-Nigeria Agriculture Business Investment Summit will impart knowledge of modern farming methods, fishery, poultry, agric-tourism, bitsafe bitcoin news farming and the use of relevant modern technologies for large-scale farming to participants who will represent Nigeria and other parts of the world. Nigerian goods and services to the American market.

The Nigerian delegation to the summit, scheduled to hold in Atlanta, Georgia, US in November, will be led by the Chairperson, Advisory Board, US-Nigeria Trade Council, Chief Alaba Lawson, it added. Lawson, who is also the President, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, was recently appointed into the council. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. The deaths you have caused is not enough.

I hope the Christians by guns and begins to kill u guys too. AFTER WE LOST 47 NIGERIAN YOUNGSTERS JUST YESTERDAY,DO WE HAVE THE HEART OF FLESH OR STONY HEART IN THIS COUNTRY. What do you expect from a clueless president. Courtesy demands that he postpone this nonsense declaration to visit the state where about 47 children were killed yesterday. This children were killed not of their doing but because of the cluelessness of GEJ.

This was the same mistake he made when scores were killed in Nyanya, Abuja, just behind Aso rock. Please, does this man really have advisers? If GEJ, decided to delare a day before election, people will still COMPLAIN! The height of heartlessness and cluelessness! Over 40 of the children you swore to protect as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces were brutally massacred yesterday and you’re celebrating declaration of interest in re-election with so much fanfare today? This doesn’t even happen in the animal kingdom! Does this man know anything about leadership and the responsibilities attached to it?

No, to time the bombing as to stop the declaration. And when abuja is captured, I think his response will be the exact intention of boko, we should wake and see this beyond enemy line. It is becoming almost ineluctable if you look at the current boko haram trajectory! That is what they are created to do. Why did they carry out this killing a day to his declartion?

There’s been no single day the bh don’t carry out deadly attack in the north. So the bomb attack is not targeted at uncle Joe declaration. It’s just that the bokiites are doing their plan and the government is doing what they know how to do best. They don’t have the same target. Go and capture Abuja if you can. That will be the end game for BH and APC.

Oh, until they capture Abuja before your man will take action? They have plans and target in a milestones method. And as we can see they are gradually advancing. Abuja is part of northern region and when the time comes they will overtook it if this govt continue this way.

No my brother Bokoharam has nothing to do with Islamitising Nigeria. They know fully well that it is practically impossible. They cannot even islamitise the north east. They are fighting a political war.

This whole nonsense will end after February 2015. When the elections must have been lost and worn. 2019 which is just another 3-4 years. It was design to stop him. And if by february 2015 he wins, the politicians funding BH will backoff, APC will disintegrate because the northerners knows the will pick PDP ticket for 2015 Presidency. Buhari will not have any game to play because PDP will field a northerner. If it was a trap for the president, then, I think he fell for it yakata.