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I need to upload data in an excel sheet to the database using java. What is the fastest way to upload this huge data in database? Are there any third party tools or apis in java which will speed up the uploading process. Please keep in mind that this is a web based application. So, whetever tools are there should be easy to integrate on the web aplication.

You can use Apache POI – the Java API for Microsoft Documents for processing the file, and then use plain JDBC for inserting data into your database. What oracle version do you use? If you need just a web application for that use case, maybe APEX can make it being your friend. Starting from Oracle 11g it will be preinstalled along with the database, from 9i you can install it by yourself. It brings a very good integration of excel along thus it will be easy, even for beginners, to create an application in a few days. As regards the first question, i think that the best solution is to convert excel file in . I’m not sure that can help, but I found this link.

But is this the fastest way? Write to disk and do a bulk import from oracle. Each of these can be very useful. If your excel sheets are large like you say, be careful to not load everything into memory at the same time otherwise you might run out of heap space. Do your garbage collecting throughout the process.