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Bitcoin uk government

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A year since the snap general election was called, our writer imagines what the prime minister was thinking at the time. Which of the tournament’s 32 nations will reign triumphant? Donald Trump came after Michael Wolff? Did Bear Grylls just eat another maggot?

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Harry Styles and Gucci hook up for the brand’s latest campaign. With a growing openness to a second referendum, it’s time to face facts. The fortunes of Bitcoins continue to fluctuate after the Norwegian government announced that is does not count as real money. The virtual currency has left governments throughout the world scratching their heads as it is not controlled by a government or any central bank. But a government offical in Norway, Scandinavia’s richest nation, is the latest to express doubts over the legitimacy of Bitcoins. Bitcoins don’t fall under the usual definition of money or currency,’ Hans Christian Holte, director general of taxation in Norway, said.