Bitcoin phoenix 2

News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0. Efficient – Phoenix 2 doesn’t discard any work unless it is invalid. Modular kernels – If someone releases a more bitcoin phoenix 2 kernel for our miner, it’s as simple as dropping in the new kernel and using it.

Multiple device support – A single Phoenix 2 instance can mine on all the hardware in the system. Hardware autodetect – Phoenix 2 can automatically detect and configure hardware. RPC interface – Phoenix 2 can be monitored or controlled remotely using the RPC interface. Config file – All user settings are stored in a simple config file. Phoenix 2 can automatically detect and configure all supported devices in the system. This can be configured via the global config option.

Autodetect can be specified by device class. You can set the autodetect to only use certain devices. Each device is given a unique device ID. So refers to OpenCL device 0 of platform 0.

Is a generic identifier for the CPU. In the future this will be expanded to include a web interface. Sets which classes of devices should be automatically detected. Enable this option to log to a file.