Bitcoin music rapper common

Welcome to Sneakhype’s European Union Experience. Either way this is an incredibly entertaining music video from the 70-year-old rapper, Bitcoin. What do you think of his crazy flow and mad bars? Man, just believe in yourself, be able to dream, and know that there’s going to be bitcoin music rapper common and peaks.

Out of everybody I met, who told the truth? I just want people to feel like they can achieve something great in their lives. We all go through rough times, but love is the antidote. You’ve got to dream and just believe in yourself.

And if you believe, you will achieve it. I love black thighs, you sisters better realize That real hair and real eyes get real guys. So before you makeup your face, you better make up your mind. You can’t label a person just because of what they do or what they’ve done. I put God first, and strive to do my best by being a loving human being, recognizing that sometimes I make mistakes and bad choices. One day it’ll all make sense.

We as people have a purpose here to contribute to the Earth, to contribute to people’s goodness and good life. I know this world is crazy, but what’s it without you? And what I loved most she had so much soul. Never knew throughout my life she would be there for me. Song: I Used To Love H. To me to be a storyteller is you got to be able to speak the truth. You’ve got to be able to absorb life and take in life and be able to interpret it in a way that anybody in this room could say, “Man, that’s my story.

I attribute my ability to maintain cool to God, self-esteem, and knowing my purpose in life. It can’t be based on anything material or external. I want a better world, I want love and harmony amongst people no matter what color you are, what race or what background you come from or sexual orientation. When I see people of my likeness, or who are somebody that I feel connected to, doing something great, I fee like I can do it.

It gives me some hope and vision. I am the unarmed black kid who maybe needed a hand, but instead was given a bullet. Golden Globes 2015: rapper Common’s memorable, winning speech” by Lorraine Ali, www. How many souls hip-hop has affected?

How many dead folks this art resurrected? How many nations this culture connected? Who am I to judge one’s perspective? Common and John Legend’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech, thesource. When you have style, it doesn’t matter what other people are saying.