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Topic: The Free Bitcoin Jackpot Game! But instead of having a huge jackpot at a post in the far future, what if we were to have a game that gave out rewards at a much lower increment. This game will be entirely funded by generous donators! I will personally keep an updated log on this post itself to make sure that people know where the funds are going. Posts must stick to the topic currently discussed. In the event that the winning post does not have the Bitcoin address in the post, then the next post that follows the winning post will earn the jackpot. An example of the game:  Person A donates 5BTC, Person B also donates 5BTC.

Person A,D,E,F all post until person A eventually gets the 50th post, and person D got the 51st post. Person A forgot to put his address into his post because he was in such a rush, so the 9. 5BTC jackpot go to the next person D. Again, this game runs entirely off donations, so in the event that no donations occur between now and the 50th post, the 50th poster gets nothing.

This game is primarily here to encourage people to sign up for these forums and to join and engage with the community. The first topic that posters should respond to is a series of questions that will further structure the game. First question: Should there be a limit for the jackpot? If so, what should it be? Second question:  Is 200 posts too much, not enough, or just right?

Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. Re: The Free Bitcoin Jackpot Game! If any major consensus occurs with any of these questions then I will change the game rules.

There’s not a single thread that goes for 20 pages. And even long ones take even months to go that long. And if it did most ppl participating would put the address in the post at the top in bold italics in a table under a picture of a hot celebrity to make sure you didn’t miss it. Better would be to select out of 25 posts the deepest quoted posts and the most quoted posts and distribute to both by some amount. Means: Code, donations, and brutal criticism.

And it’d be a lot of fun. I’ll change the game so a jackpot is given out every 50 posts. On the other hand, having an apparent winner roughly 20 posts into the round makes the fight for “a winning post” a lot less random. Does your post count as number one? I’m thinking of changing the rules so that you MUST contribute at least .