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The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through bitcoin ebay chargeback work. Read on for a full review of the American Dream Nutrition MLM opportunity. The Company The American Dream Nutrition website contains no information about who is running or owns the company. American Dream Nutrition is a company founded on Christian principles and values.

Why this isn’t just mentioned on the American Dream Nutrition website however, I don’t know. 26th February 2011, however the registration information is set to private. Gunderson entered into the Network Marketing Industry. He worked his way to success in three companies with which he worked. Ultimately, after about 4 years as a Successful Distributor, Mr. Gunderson launched his own MLM company, American Dream Nutrition. Gunderson, using a Direct Mail Marketing System that he created, recruited THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Autoship Distributors within 1 year for his company American Dream.

His company, American Dream, is still in existence today and has been a long-running successful MLM company with distributors across America and Canada. I’m not sure why the American Dream Nutrition website mentions that they are in pre-launch in March 2012, but it appears that American Dream has been around since the late 1990s. We have teamed up with several doctors, bio-chemists, formulators and manufacturers to produce our products. Our manufacturers are some of the largest in the world. Which doesn’t really doesn’t count for much without any specifics. The American Dream Nutrition Compensation Plan American Dream Nutrition offer members a matrix based compensation plan with retail and Fast Pay commissions along with various performance bonuses.

The company does not provide any further specifics. Fast Pay Commissions American Dream Nutrition’s Fast Pay commissions are paid out when newly recruited American Dream Nutrition members make their first order. This commission structure is followed for all members thereafter. 15 matrix starts with you at the top and branches out into two legs underneath you. 15 matrix has 65,535 positions to fill and as you fill these positions, depending on which level of the matrix a recruited member falls on, American Dream Nutrition will pay you out a percentage commission on their orders. Note that retail and preferred customers do not take up any positions in the matrix. Diamond members earn one share of the pool, Double Diamond two shares and Triple Diamonds 3 shares.

There doesn’t appear to be any requirement that this bonus be put towards a car loan or purchase. The American Dream Nutrition Membership Ranks As above, the matrix commissions and the Quarterly Corporate Bonus Pool components of the American Dream Nutrition compensation plan are tied into membership ranks. 50 of products a month and qualifying as a Gold Member. 100 a month qualifies you as a Platinum Member. Not that autoship sales aren’t sales, but when you tie in membership to self-consumption, and then advertise your business as one full of autoship distributors, it brings up images of people with garages full of product they’ve purchased but never intend to use. Through the combination of autoship and membership, American Dream Nutrition are forcing their members to self-consume. And however small the chance might be, it unnecessarily introduces the potential of autoship hoarding.

With one product this isn’t such an issue as you either want it or you don’t, but with multiple products there’s a good chance someone might just want one of the three products available. 100 minimum autoship requirement if they want to progress in the business that means that they might wind up buying an additional product they have no interest in using. Again though, this a potential risk and the chances of it happening will depend on how American Dream Nutrition is marketed by the company and its members. Other than that, if the products work and you can find a market for them then I don’t see any further issues with the compensation plan.

There’s an option for retail and if your customers like the product they have the option of signing up as a preferred customer and getting a discount, with no obligation to join the company themselves or participate in the compensation plan. Considering however that the company provides little specific information on who is making their product for them, this might be a bit of an issue on the marketing side of things. Dream Life Vacation Club Review: Xplocial v2. Mar 28th, 2012 at 1:09 am  K.