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Forum administration can be contacted through the “Contact Forum Admin” tab at top of the board. Lots more links can be found at the bottom of the board due to bitcoin details dancewear board header space limitations. Please remember the rules and everyone be good. Her result is never acknowledged because she may have come ahead of the teachers pet.

The teachers never post her success or even tell her well done. One teacher in particular implements this favouritism and heaven forbid anyone mentions it. Why does it bother you if the teacher shows favouritism? That’s a reflection on them, not your daughter.

It’s not about who’s teacher’s pet. You call these kids trophy hunters but you’re going mad because your child isn’t winning the trophies if these kids dance. It’s the system that’s wrong not the children. Why do Ireland, Britain, Australia, Mainland Europe etc. Irish Nationals, Australian Nationals, Scottish Nationals etc. Australian International Oireachtas, All Irelands, Great Britains and Europeans yet North America only has NAIDC?

18 19:05:13, Fri UK have only ever had Scottish nationals once. Their secondary qualifiers are BN’s, GB’s and All Scots which are open to everyone. Once they get over 8 or 9, there no need to give a medal to everyone? Most Irish dancers don’t really care for them now. 18 16:25:18, Tue Nice to come home with some little thing, after all the money that is spent. 18 22:43:21, Mon Limerick is Not in Connuaght it’s in Munster so why are you referring to Connaught Rules?

Not my cup of tea but each to their own. Dedicated kids who work hard at their dancing, u will often find they do same for everything they do in life. I know that Gavin made some in stretchy fabric before, wondering how these compare? Newly redecorated Studio Bedsit Flat SUITABLE FOR ONE PERSON ONLY.