Bitcoin bit encryption

2,500 Watt, 6,000 Concurrent Frequencies Constantly Jammed, 15,000 Watt Power Plant. 1 Real Time Cell Phone Interceptor. Used by the USA Federal Government. PKI, X-509, Encrypted Chat, Encrypted FTP, Encrypted Bitcoin bit encryption-N-Paste, Key Management, FIPS 140-2 Certified.

Encrypted Cell Phones, Encrypted Radios, Encrypted Land Lines, Encrypted Satellite Phones, Encvrypted Fax. Rat Phones allows law enforcement agencies to operate in 2 distinct modes. Victim Mode allows eaves dropping on conversations, and GPS triangulation to locate the owner. The latest addition is Encrypted Conference Calls. VME Terminator H1 now features 3 power sources ! The world’s most powerful bomb jammer now have 3 sources of power: a Built-in 7,500 Watt Generator, a Built-in 7,500 Watt Alternator and a Built-in 500AH Batteries.

The vehicle can operate on any single source at full power ! 3 level system, or combined failover, or joined operation. Use the generator when noise level is not an issue. 1 Real Time Interceptor now features directional finder ! 1 Realtime Cell Phone Interceptor now allows interception and manipulation of text messages. It also allows selective blocking of voice channels up or down.