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Bitcoin amazon linux kernel

Purpose Build sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption. In recent years, the Linux Foundation has expanded bitcoin amazon linux kernel services through events, training and certification, and open source projects. Hyperledger, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Xen Project, and many others.

The validity of some information in the following section is disputed. The origins of The Linux Foundation can be traced to 1993 when Patrick D’Cruze started the Linux International email list then known as LI. Bolzern funded LI and its activities until others eventually joined. In mid 1994 Bolzern and Young recruited Jon “maddog” Hall into the Executive Director position, who in turn filed the Corporate paperwork on behalf of the new Board of Directors while Bolzern also remained on the Board, as well as continued leading trade show and marketing efforts until late 1999. This included many trips for Press Relations and User Groups by Bolzern, or maddog. As more and more individuals and sponsors joined the LI vision, by 1999 LI had already become a vendor-neutral 501c6 Non-Profit Industry Association for Linux with Linus Torvalds’ blessing, while Linus himself focused on development and technical excellence for Linux itself. LI’s primary purpose was to be that Industry Marketing Organization that also supported Linux related Certification Programs, along with development of essential Projects and Education.

In 2000, OSDL was founded after appealing to the Linux International Board of Directors for a number of the fundamental projects that are still part of the Linux Foundation today. OSDL was a non-profit organization supported by a global consortium that aimed to “accelerate the deployment of Linux for enterprise computing” and “to be the recognized center-of-gravity for the Linux industry. In 2003, Linus Torvalds, the creator of the freely available Linux kernel, announced he would join the organization as an OSDL Fellow to work full-time on future versions of Linux. In 2007, OSDL merged with the Free Standards Group, another organization promoting the adoption of Linux. At the time, Jim Zemlin, who headed FSG, took over as executive director of The Linux Foundation where he remains today.

On September 11, 2011, The Linux Foundation’s website was taken down due to a breach discovered 27 days prior, including but limited to all attendant subdomains of The Linux Foundation, such as Linux. In March 2014, The Linux Foundation announced it would begin building a MOOC program with nonprofit education platform, edX. The aim of this collaboration was to serve the rapidly growing demand for Linux expertise in a vehicle that was available to “anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. On November 16, 2016, The Linux Foundation Announced that Microsoft, traditionally seen as a competitor, had joined the organization as a Platinum member. The news was widely recognized as further evidence of an industry-wide embrace of open source software.