Bitcoin accepted

The chairman of Swiss banking giant, UBS, Axel Weber, has said that bitcoin is not an effective means of payment, since it is not universally accepted. He added that the cryptocurrency is not a good measure of value, since prices bitcoin accepted not written in bitcoins, and it is not an effective way to store value, since it is inherently unstable.

Weber said in an interview on Sunday that he did not consider the soaring cryptocurrency bitcoin as money and called for regulators to intervene. 17,000 last week, after trading in the digital currency began on the Chicago Board Options Exchange — the first time it has appeared on a traditional platform. But in an interview with the NZZ am Sonntag weekly, Weber warned investors against jumping on the bandwagon, saying the bubble would inevitably burst. Money is meant to fulfil three main functions and bitcoins fail at all of them, he said.

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