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Bitcoin 270x vs 760

With a core clock of 1100 MHz, the GPU overclock isn’t as large as on other cards, but the 25 MHz memory OC will help with performance. GPU overclocking potential is quite good, even with the ASUS bitcoin 270x vs 760 being overclocked out of the box already. Cast your vote Do you agree or disagree with GPUBoss? Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news!

5 more expensive than the AMD reference design. I cant ee it costing 160 dollars to ship a card anywhere in the world. COming from china its just 20 bucks. If it’s the same price, grab the 270x. It’s better binned, so it’s higher clocks out of the box, and you might be able to OC it even further. Past that, I’ve only found instability.

FYI: If you see a 4gb 270x, it’s not a great deal, as the 270x doesn’t have the speed or memory bandwidth to really use the extra 2gb in most cases. I would recommend not paying a premium to get a 4gb 270x card. 3gb, more than 2gb on a 270 or 270x is a waste. Just in case anyone is looking at getting these cards – Can’t speak for the 270x, but the 270 is a bit unstable. I suppose thats why there is a different version. If you want this card, get the 270x version.