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SALLY HAMILTON: My one big financial regret? What next for bitcoin aurora coin wallet bitcoin will it rise again?

Gatehouse Bank lands latest blow in the best buy savings battle with table-topping fixed rates of up to 2. My dad invested his pension but he’s too ill to handle it any more – what can we do? Can I get broadband without a landline? 8,000 Bitcoin be a Christmas cracker or suffer a New Year hangover? What about a gift of cryptocurrency this Christmas? It could be the perfect present for the tricky person who has everything. But it could also end up worthless if the current boom turns to bust.

The 37-year-old marketing executive, from North London, has been curious about Bitcoin since it first emerged in 2009 partly as a reaction to the banker-induced financial crisis. I have been reading up about it and trying to understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies. I had been meaning to invest for ages and finally got round to it a month ago. 1,000 through Coinbase and spread the purchase across Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. 99 per cent and there will also be charges when she sells. But she does not intend to sell in the short term.

My investment has gone up more than 40 per cent in value already but I fully expect it to fluctuate wildly. Alternatively, you can exchange it for a traditional currency such as sterling. This can be done using a special pre-payment card that converts the cryptocurrency when a purchase is made. AND HOW DO YOU BUY IT? Blockchain allows transactions to be managed cheaply, securely and anonymously in a kind of devolved online ledger with records of transactions held on thousands of computers. But today, the Bitcoin revolution has extended beyond the techies and miners. Cryptocurrencies can now be purchased from specialist exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bittylicious and Bitstamp.