Arduino fpga bitcoin

I’ve ported the TV-B-Gone code to run on the Arduino board. If you haven’t seen a TV-B-Gone, it’s arduino fpga bitcoin cute gadget that you point at a TV that’s bothering you, and it turns the TV off.

Internally, it’s an infrared remote that broadcasts more than 100 different off codes that work on almost any TV. I have a new, improved version of the software. Another tricky thing is the original firmware stores the IR codes in program space, not RAM. The microcontrollers use a Harvard architecture, which means they have separate memory and data paths for code and data, unlike normal processors that use a von Neumann architecture. I’ve been waiting for this since I first laid eyes on the Arduino and the TV-B-Gone. Imagine a packed sportsbar on the big game switched over to mythbusters! I didnt want to toss yet-another-version out there, so I’ll leave it to the reader to add, and Ken to incorporate into Version 2.