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News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0. I apologize I alan reiner bitcoin been silent for such a long time.

Current events and business pressures have kept me busy, as well as in an opaque cloud of uncertainty about Armory’s future. I had looked forward to coming back to share with you good news and a fresh outlook, but unfortunately that’s not the position that I am in. I could probably write a book about the depth and complexity of events of the past year, the lessons I’ve learned and the personalities I’ve dealth with. Ultimately, Armory as a business was not managed well. There hasn’t been much public activity from us, because we were primarily focused on building a suite of enterprise security tools out of public view.

Along the way, we accumulated a mess of legal and corporate complexity that has made it difficult to do anything constructive with Armory’s intellectual property. These complexities make it risky for me to continue development, even if the money was there to pay me a salary. It has also made it difficult to be acquired by another company that shares my vision, that could provide funding to see its execution. In the short-term, this is the end of the road for my involvement in Armory. My only real choice is to move on, and try to contribute my expertise elsewhere.