20 nm bitcoin wiki

22nd of July 2014, however the domain registration is set to private. Binary Referral Commissions Referral commissions on investments made by recruited affiliates are paid out through a binary compensation structure. In turn, these two positions branch out into another two positions and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels. To qualify for binary commissions, an affiliate must personally 20 nm bitcoin wiki two affiliates.

As with the referral commission paid out on the 3rd to 5th recruited affiliates, these referral commissions extend down a theoretical infinite depth. The 9th affiliate recruited pays out a 27. 3rd to 5th recruited affiliates and 2. Once again, these referral commission extend down and are passed up by any recruited affiliates in the 9th recruited affiliate’s downline. Pass-up Bonus When a recruited affiliate recruits nine affiliates, the affiliate who recruited them is paid an additional 2. Once again, this bonus is paid out on investments made by any affiliates in this particular downline who also reach the nine affiliates recruited qualification criteria. ROI, which is paid out of new investor funds.

Affiliate funds are funds regardless of the currency used. And of course nothing is being marketed or sold to retail customers. Whether or not the scheme has registered itself with the SEC is unclear. Given the offshore domain registration with a Panama-based provider, I’d say it’s unlikely.